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  • Service the SWR Way

    • At SWR we are committed to providing high levels of customer service, whilst constantly looking at ways in which we can improve your experience in dealing with us. We have a dedicated team on hand to guide you in your selection of the most suitable balustrade system for your project.

      Designing and installing your balustrade system is easier than you may think. Simply send us your sketches, photographs or technical drawings and we will help you turn your vision into a reality.

      Our aim is to provide you with a premium quality, safe and reliable system. We will guide and advise you based on the industry standards and building regulations to ensure complete peace of mind in your selection.

  • Specification & Quote

    • The SWR team is always on hand to assist you with your requirements.

      Whether you have architects' drawings, technical drawings or just a free hand sketch we will be happy to support you when deciding which design would suit your project and what components you need to achieve this.

      Our in house experts can use your technical drawings and we support most major file formats. From this we can then produce an accurate quotation for you. This service is completely free with no hassle or obligations.

      drawings on computer screen
  • Stainless Steel Grade Selection

    • Our balustrade range comprises of AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel, both of which are available in a 320 grit brushed satin finish or a mirror polished finish.

      AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel appear the same but perform very differently depending on the surrounding environment. This is due to the differences in the chemical composition between the two grades with AISI 316 offering more resistance to corrosion due to the molybdenum content.

      In line with industry guidelines, as a general rule we recommend AISI 316 for outdoor use and AISI 304 for interior projects.

      Although satin and mirror polished contain the same chemical composition, they appear very different due to the final surface finish. The mirror finish is polished down to approximately 0.2 microns, which produces a very smooth and reflective surface, making it the most suitable finish for coastal and busy industrial areas containing high emissions. Unlike the satin finish, which is polished down to approximately 0.5 microns, mirror polished provides minimal areas for corrosive elements in the air to rest, which potentially cause permanent damage to your system.

      The table below can be used as a rough guide to which grade/finish is appropriate for certain environments.

      View Material Guide
      Stainless Steel Grades & Finishes
      Grade Rural Urban Industrial Coastal
      Internal External Internal External Internal External Internal External
      Satin 304
      Satin 316
      Mirror 304
      Mirror 316
  • Quality Assured

    • As an ISO 9001:2008 approved company, quality is at the forefront in all that we do. We have worked to ensure our balustrade systems are designed and manufactured to comply with industry standards and regulations.

      ISO 9001 Logo
  • Loading & Building Regulations

  • Glass Requirements

    • SWR’s approach to safety is paramount which equally extends to our choice of glass as an infill solution for your balustrade system. All glass supplied by SWR is manufactured in accordance with BS EN 12600:2002 and our dedicated team will work closely with you to determine the best glass option for you based on the load information you provide.

      We recognise that clients need a ‘one stop’ solution when it comes to purchasing a glass infill balustrade and so SWR has established a partnership with a leading glass processor who has been supplying safety glass since 1985 and is a leading supplier of quality architectural glass products throughout the U.K.

      Whether your requirement is for a domestic glass balustrade for your patio or balcony or a large commercial development, we can supply toughened or toughened & laminated glass to suit your needs.

      Choosing the Right Glass for You

      When you contact SWR with your glass enquiry, our experienced and helpful team will determine the right glass for you. We will ask some key questions about your requirement which will enable us to discuss the various options with you:

      1. Height of the glass you require
      2. Placement of the glass balustrade (internal or external)
      3. Is a stainless steel handrail required
      4. The loading the glass balustrade needs to achieve – this can be provided by a structural engineer or your local building control officer

      Once we have established this information, we can discuss what thickness of glass will be required and whether this will be provided as toughened, heat soaked glass or toughened and laminated glass. Toughened glass is ideally suited to most applications where safety is critical, but consideration should be taken if the glass balustrade is at a high level.

      Toughened & laminated glass is constructed of two pieces of toughened glass either side of a laminate interlayer and offers the same strength under impact as toughened glass with a crucial safety difference - If the pane is damaged resulting in the glass breaking, the fragments will be retained by the laminate interlayer, enabling the system to still act as a barrier until a replacement can be installed.

      glass balustrade surrounding swimming pool

      As your glass balustrade will not only need to look great it is also designed to be a key safety feature in your environment. As safety is paramount to SWR, we can call upon the services of an industry recognised Structural Glass Consultancy who, from the information provided to them, can determine precisely what type of glass is required to achieve the strength it is intended for. For your piece of mind, they can provide a written report detailing the calculations used to determine this.

      The glass delivered to you will have polished edges and radius corners as standard unless otherwise asked for. We can also supply frosted/sandblasted glass, silkscreen printed glass as well as etched glass and drill holes up to 30mm diameter – ask our friendly team for more information.

      Quality Assured Glass Production

      As with many products that are available to today's consumer, toughened glass is available from 'KITE MARK' approved suppliers. The product standard that covers this area is BS EN 12150, impact performance requirements for flat safety glass and safety plastics for use in buildings. BS EN 12150 a Kite Marked product standard, which means that a manufacturer of the product may chose to adhere to the regulations and guidelines that are specific to that Kite Mark scheme. The British Standards Institute controls the Kite Mark License scheme, and is responsible for audits and testing regimes. Only when satisfied that a particular product is satisfactory, and that manufacturing controls are in place to ensure continuous compliance, will a Kite Mark License be granted. Kite Mark Licenses are issued for each product type, i.e. a manufacturer may process and supply a wide range of thicknesses of toughened glass, but only have a Kite mark license for one. SWR Supplied glass, all glass thicknesses, tints and finishes are included on the Kite Mark License scope. Continuous assessment and monitoring of production methods and working practices ensure that SWR’s glass partner provide a fully compliant product to our customers in the market place.

      1. BS EN 12150 Logo

        BS EN 12150 Glass in building - Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass

      2. BS EN 14179 Logo

        BS EN 14179 Glass in building - Heat soaked thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass

      3. BS EN 14449 Logo

        BS EN 14449 Laminated glass and laminated safety glass

      Delivery of glass

      SWR can arrange to have your glass delivered to the majority of locations on the UK mainland. By using a dedicated courier for your glass, we can ensure your order arrives safely and in perfect quality for use in your balustrade system.

      The cost of the delivery will be determined by the location of where it is required. This will be advised to you at the time of your enquiry.

      PLEASE NOTE: There must be at least 2 people available to accept & handle the delivery. The delivery driver can only offload from the lorry and pass to you - They will not carry/transport the glass any further.

  • Cutting, Drilling and Finishing

    • SWR offer a full cutting, drilling and polishing service. Our design technicians provide our engineers with technical drawings of your system, designed to your specifications. Our highly skilled engineers then cut, drill and tap the balustrade accordingly.

      During production of your system we take care to polish each tube giving it a smooth clean finish ready for on site assembly.

      In line with our ISO 9001:2008 procedures we carry out rigorous checks throughout the production process to ensure ease of use and simple assembly when on site.

      For your convenience on site we work to package each part so that all are marked up clearly and can be easily identified when unpacking and preparing to start the job. It’s the small details that make the difference and ultimately help you to safely and efficiently install your balustrade system.

      Tube drilling and tapping macheine
  • Cleaning & Maintenance

    • An important thing to remember with stainless steel is that it is stain ‘less’ and not stain ‘free’. Stainless steel is not completely corrosion proof and does require on-going cleaning and maintenance. As members of the British Stainless Steel Association we advise all of our customers to carry out necessary maintenance on your system to help retain the modern finish of the product.

      We supply our own cleaning product specifically designed for stainless steel. Our cleaner gives a sparkling appearance leaving a protective film to aid in future maintenance.

      Descriptions Size Part Code
      SWR Easy Clean - Interior Balustrade Cleaner 750ml 0000.90.015
      SWR Metal Shine - Exterior Balustrade Cleaner 750ml 0000.90.020
      SWR Cleaning Sprays